Hannah Hines is an artist with a passion for making - whether that's digitally, on paper, with ink, paint, cake or cardboard!

"I chose the name Hannah Shines for my business because it's a play on my name and it is how I feel when I'm engrossed in a creative project. For me, drawing feels like a light shining from within which guides my actions with purpose - and it makes me happy. I hope some of that joy is reflected in my work."

Most recently Hannah has illustrated for Story Storks, an educational Social Enterprise, to create a witty retelling of the fairy tale classic The Three Little Christmas Pigs. "The author, Sarah Cantrill, and I dreamed up a beautiful, festive picture book for younger readers. It's packed with captivating images, hilarity and storytelling know-how."

With a background in science and education, Hannah is particularly interested in exploring the link between images and learning. She is a firm believer in the importance of introducing books and pens to children at a very young age, and was herself inspired by the work of many authors and illustrators to push forward with her own artistic career.

She currently spends most of her time running or cycling around after her two fabulous boys, and has a big place in her heart for getting involved with local community projects in Kingston upon Thames.